Sunday, October 14, 2012

RN Home Care for USA

The RCM Health Care Services, a national leader in health care staffing, is searching for experienced Registered Home Care Nurses to work, on a Per Diem and full time basis, doing fee for service visits in the Bronx and Westchester areas.


Brief Details:
Full-time and part-time hours available
Visits done between the hours of 9-5
Benefits available
Start ASAP!

Must have at least 1 year of RN experience in a Home Care, Nurses with Med Surge, PEDS and Infusion experience are a plus
Must have current NY RN License
Must have current CPR card, Malpractice Insurance, and Physical

If interested and qualified, please call 917-286-5139 to speak with a recruiter today!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great paying nurses jobs

Not all nurses hold at the 12-hour shift at the hospital. When they are in the area, many nurses extra training to become what is known as an advance practice nurse to take on new challenges in the settings of cruise ships in prisons. After about five years, most nurses either the field or moving says the director of nursing education,Michele Kunz in new york.

Find Nursing jobs ranging from Registered Nurse to Nursing Support. Following are some of the best-paid nursing specialties:

Nurse anesthetic

Nurses with critical care experience can go back to school for this economical specialty, says Kunz. Anaesthetic nurses combine nursing skills with knowledge of how to safely administer anesthesia.

Nurse practitioner

With the ability to treat patients and prescribe medications, nurse practitioner work in pharmacies, doctors' offices and emergency rooms, said Kunz.

Clinical nurse specialist

Clinical nurses take care of patients or the technical advice in areas such as mental health.

Nursing informatics analyst

The incentive bill passed last year requiring hospitals the opportunity to share patient data online. As a result, Kunz says, "There are tons of options" for nurses to combine medical knowledge with computer training, the work of medical-records software vendors and hospitals' records departments.

Nurse educator

Nurses need training throughout their careers, says Kunz, and must be regularly re-certified in several specialties. A growing body of work for nurse educators are mobile simulation lab that trip to the hospital, ask for specialized training with lifelike dolls.

Nurse case manager

"Many nurses who want to get away from the bed in case management," said California-based Healthcare recruiting experts Nadia Gruzd. "Here they are working with families - everyone could run out of insurance or they must bring a plan for the management of the patient, the patient case." Some officers also work for insurance companies. New york is famous for betting so you can now bet online using the internet on just about anything anytime with one of many online betting casino website and enjoy the game.

Certified dialysis nurse
Dialysis nurses love the 9-to-5 schedule they can work at dialysis clinics, says Gruzd, a breeze compared to hospital shifts. Dialysis nurses are also in demand on cruise ships – a far more desirable workplace than a hospital.
Transport or flight nurse

In rural areas, a helicopter, aircraft or prolonged ambulance patients may be needed to get the patients to hospital. A nurse must accompany the patient to their medical needs on the way to see. Gruzd says some hospitals offer higher salaries for nurses who work nights or weekends or transporting Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification.

Certified legal nurse consultant

This niche will nurses from the hospital and law firms, providng medical expertise for lawsuits.

Registered nurses
Nurses who want higher wages may also waive the specialized training, if they are willing to move at least temporarily to an area where their specialty is in short supply. Known as travel nursing, it popular with younger sisters, who do not have families to leave, says Kunz